By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When you’re an expectant mother, you can expect plenty of comments. Tracy Vitale of South Philadelphia said, “You’re small, you’re big.”

“You look like you’re about to pop,” added South Philly neighbor Adrienne Edwards.

“Pregnancy and children in general just open the door to conversations,” explained Marisa Piccarreto, owner of My Fabulous Mama, a baby planning business in Center City. She says the nine months or so before baby can be a delicate time.

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“Their bodies are changing, you feel vulnerable. Many women feel fearful when they’re pregnant, hyper-aware, hyper sensitive.”

Not to mention the hormones! So, what shouldn’t you say to a pregnant woman?

“One is are you pregnant?” said Vitale.

That’s because they may not be pregnant or they had the baby a few weeks ago.

Add to that…

“Any comments about her body,” said new Dad Jonathan Belcher of South Philadelphia. And dare you ask: “You sure it’s not twins?”

And can we talk about all the belly touching?

“It’s scary when someone comes up to you and reaches for your stomach because you’re so protective,” explained Piccarreto. But, not all bump blunders are clear cut. From asking if it was planned to inquiring about names. Even guessing boy or girl, especially considering some believe a girl steals your beauty!

“They’re trying to say you don’t look that good,” Vitale shouted.

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Or maybe they’re just trying to make conversation. In that case, here are a few suggestions:


“I’m so happy for you.”

“Can’t wait to meet the baby!”

“You look beautiful.” All of these suggestions would work, and two of us here at CBS 3 are well aware of that fact:

You’re welcome.