By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After filling Electric Factory with confetti and lights last weekend, electro-pop stars Porter Robinson and Madeon are returning this Saturday for a second sold out show.

“I think it was definitely a stand out” says Porter Robinson of last week’s set in Philadelphia. Their second performance takes place November 19th back at the Factory.

At twenty-four and twenty-two respectively, Robinson and Madeon have both been slinging beats since their teens, but a breakout album for both along with this year’s collaboration single “Shelter” has push them beyond remixes and the world of EDM — into the pop landscape with sought-after skills.

“In a way we kind of feel like veterans,” explains Robinson who’s been touring professionally since eighteen. “I started touring at sixteen,” adds Madeon.

“We were talking yesterday about, pretty soon people are going to stop asking us what it’s like to be young guns and how sad we’re going to be about that,” laughs Robinson.

We had a chance to speak with Porter Robinson and Madeon about the blending of EDM and pop music, their career vision, and even Dance Dance Revolution. You can hear the full interview below.