By Mark Abrams

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — An unusual get-out-the-vote effort is under way in Pennsylvania today, and, it’s going on just outside Philadelphia.

Hundreds of volunteers from the Amish PAC are fanning out across Lancaster County, driving to farms and encouraging a population that shuns technology and the outside world to come out to the polls.

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Problem At Polls? There Is Help For That

Ben Walters is one of the organizers of the effort.

“These are neighbors knocking on doors of neighbors. And, in many cases, our volunteers are familiar with the area, they’re familiar with their Amish neighbors and so it’s really not so much where you have random strangers showing up.”

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Walters says more than 300 volunteers are involved in the outreach, which began months ago with billboards placed along roads the Amish travel by horse and buggy and newspapers they read.

Election Day Freebies

“We have no use for the high-priced TV ads, the high-priced Facebook ads or Google ads, or anything else that you see campaigns or Super PACs spending money on these days.”

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Walters says the PAC is not connected to the Trump campaign, but is encouraging the Amish to support Trump as the candidate who can best represent their interests.