PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Seth Joyner had to clear the air.

Last week, after the Cowboys beat the Eagles Joyner said on the 94WIP Midday Show that Ezekiel Elliott is “better than” Emmitt Smith. The quote went viral and was picked up by SportsCenter.

Joyner clarified what he meant on Monday.

Listen: Seth Joyner on the 94WIP Midday Show 


“There’s not a single person with a shred of football knowledge, that would think that when I said what I said I meant that right now that Ezekiel Elliott — at this point in time — is better than a 16-year all-time leading rusher, Hall Of Fame running back,” Joyner said. “But my point is valid. In Emmitt Smith’s rookie year, 16 games, he had 241 carries, 937 yards, 3.9 yards per carry, longest run was 48 yards. He had 11 rushing touchdown, he had 24 receptions for 228 yards, 9.5 yards per catch, and zero touchdowns. That’s 16 games, OK?

“After eight games for Ezekiel Elliott, he has 177 carries for 891 yards — now he’s got eight more games left — for 5.0 yards per carry, a long of 60, seven rushing touchdowns. 16 receptions, 155 yards, 9.7 yards per catch, and zero touchdowns and he’s got eight games to go.”

The former Eagles Pro Bowl linebacker admits that Elliott — who had 18 carries for 92 yards and two touchdowns this week against the Browns — has a long way to go before surpassing Smith.

“He’s a better athlete than Emmitt was, I would presume anyone would look at those two and see,” Joyner said. “I played against Emmitt, I have nothing but respect for him. That statement wasn’t made in disrespect, but I want to clear the air and want everyone to know, that the analogy that I was making if you took Emmitt Smith in his rookie year and you took Ezekiel Elliott right now in his rookie year, that Ezekiel is a better prospect. The prospects look better for him. Now, if he can stay healthy and break all the records and do all the things that Emmitt did, then maybe down the road we can look at that.

“But no one with a shred of football intelligence would think that I meant that right now Ezekiel Elliott is better than Emmitt Smith.”