By Mike Dougherty

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (CBS) — Police in Upper Darby are looking for a man they say stole $400 from a cancer patient.

Twenty-four-year-old Michael Allison and his girlfriend visited her grandmother’s house, offering to do laundry for the 68-year-old cancer patient.

“While she was unaware, he went up and stole a check right out of her checkbook,” said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

Chitwood says the suspect wrote the check out to himself for $400.

“[He’s] a real dirtball,” Chitwood said. “The victim is 68-years-old. She’s got nothing. And this bum comes in and steals from her and then cashes the check. So when we get him it’ll feel good.”

Chitwood says the victim told police that Allison admitted to her that he stole the check because he needed the money. He believes it’s probably a crime fueled by addiction.

“It makes you sad. It’s a sad commentary on society,” Chitwood said. “When all is said and done though, I bet you drugs were involved in it, because it usually is.”

Chitwood says police also have video from the bank of Allison cashing the stolen check.

(credit: Upper Darby Police)

(credit: Upper Darby Police)

With multiple addresses listed, Chitwood is asking for some help in tracking him down.