3pm – Tight Trump-Clinton race could see winner losing popular vote

3:05pm – Chuck Todd Electoral Map: Trump Has To Win PA, MI, or WI; “The Comey Effect”

3:20pm – Clinton Foundation FBI Investigation: Loretta Lynch’s Obstruction

3:35pm – Obama: Men Are Sexist if They Support Donald Trump Over Hillary Clinton

4pm – Rich speaks with Donald Trump’s Youngest Daughter, Tiffany Trump regarding the Trump’s trip to WaWa, the campaign trail and Trump’s appeal to women voters.

4:05pm – People Are Really Mad Over Starbucks Cups Again Right Before The Holidays

4:20pm – Susquehanna Poll: Clinton 45 Trump 43; McGinty 47 Toomey 41

4:25pm –Obama Asks Male Voters If Sexism Keeping Them From Backing Clinton

4:35pm – Tank Ride Video – Presidential Elections

4:50pm – Fine print reveals problems in N.J. gastax deal

5pm – Obama on His ‘Deliberate Effort’ to Avoid ‘Meddling’ With FBI Probe

5:10pm – Pelosi Says FBI Director Comey May Not Be ‘In The Right Job’

5:20pm – Hillary Clinton Lashes Out at Protester at Florida Speech

5:25pm – ‘You’re Being Delusional’: The View Goes Off the Rails During Discussion with Kellyanne Conway

5:35pm – Rich spoke with Chris Stirewalt of Fox News regarding the latest poll numbers in Pennsylvania, the electorial map and more.

5:50pm – Hillary Falsely Claims She Was In New York City On 9/11

6:00pm – Ecosexuals Believe Having Sex With the Earth Could Save It