PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police are warning residents of a new scam going around that’s targeting cheaters.

A lot of residents in the area have received a letter that is looking to cash in on cheating spouses.

The letter is personally addressed and claims you have been busted for cheating.

It is a blackmail scheme and warns if you don’t pay up they are going to tell your spouse.

The letter partially reads: “Let’s cut to the chase, I know you cheated on your wife. More importantly, I have evidence of the infidelity. I am going to give you two options, either ignore this letter or pay me $2,000.”

It goes on to say they will show your spouse evidence if there is no payment.

The letter includes instructions on how to transfer the money as Bitcoin.

The letter has been received from people in Northeast Philadelphia to the Main Line.

Lower Merion Police are telling residents to not send money and shred the letter and throw it away.