3pm – Obamacare Architect: ‘The Law Is Working As Designed,’

3:10pm – Former Gov. Ed Rendell: “I Think There’s A Hidden Donald Trump Vote”

3:20pm – Trump Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Is Smashed

3:35pm – Rich spots Mark Margolis from Breaking Bad during lunch

3:50pm – NJ senators now cautiously back call for Trump golf club boycott

4pm – How vulnerable are Pennsylvania’s electronic voting machines?

4:20pm – Rich spoke with Dana Perino regarding her book, ‘Let Me Tell You About Jasper’.

4:35pm – Mushroom Cloud Reappears in Anti-Trump Ad From Bill Bradley-Backed PAC

4:55pm – Biden, Bon Jovi to Visit Pittsburgh

5pm – Michael Moore: Here’s why Trump will win election

5:20pm – Newt Gingrich refuses to discuss his attack on Megyn Kelly

6pm –  Mayor Kenney Addresses Violent Attacks On Temple’s Campus