PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former White House Press Secretary and current cable news host Dana Perino sees Republicans worried about losing not only the Presidency for the third cycle in a row, but also control of the Senate.

Perino told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that she thinks it is starting to sink in Trump’s team that the election is lost and the rest of the party is scrambling to save what they can.

“I think that, in some ways, you see that his team start to, not give up, but give in. The Democrats, on the other hand, are pouring huge sums of money into Senate races to try to upset Republican incumbents like Roy Blunt in Missouri and…[the] Republican Senate Majority Fund, they’re having to put in $25 million of emergency money to defend Republican seats. The position they’d rather be in is to be going after vulnerable Democrats, but there just aren’t that many of them this year.”

She said this election seems to be disrupting traditional voting patterns, possible to Clinton’s advantage.

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“I read an article based out of Pennsylvania that, I think in the Philly suburbs, of women who were interviewed saying that they were not going to admit that they were voting for Clinton because their families had always voted for Republicans and one of them was even told she wasn’t welcome at Thanksgiving over this. I hate to see friendship and family strife over an election, but I know that it happens.”

Perino also sensed some caution from the Democrats, who realize they must follow through on election day to ensure their polling advantages turn into electoral victories.

“I think Hillary Clinton’s campaign was getting a little cocky, thinking maybe we have this in the bag and you saw her yesterday say, whoa, hold on. Everybody, you better get out there and vote for me if you expect to win this election. Maybe she doesn’t want to count those chickens before they hatch and I think that’s smart.”