By Jim Melwert

LOWER MAKEFIELD Twp., Pa. (CBS) — Stealing political signs is nothing new, but it’s getting out of hand for one Bucks County man as he’s had 13 Trump for President signs stolen off his Lower Makefield Township property.

One of the Trump signs that was stolen, was 15 or 20 feet up in a tree, but homeowner Gary Cruzan says – like a dozen other Trump signs — it was stolen out of his yard along Edgewood Road.

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“They had to come with a long pole, there’s just no way — they were way up there.”

Cruzan estimates the 13 stolen signs have cost him about $500, not to mention the time.

“The first time was kind of like okay, okay they got it, but I never expected this to be an ongoing saga, you know?”

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Cruzan set up a camera in his yard to get photos of the thieves, one was wearing a space suit with goggles, and a go-pro on his head.

“When you see somebody who looks like he’s from Mars taking your sign, it really puts a different complexion on it.”

Cruzan says he won’t do anything to hurt somebody, but does say he’s recruiting help to catch the sign-bandits.

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He says he’s turned the photos over to police, and they have a couple license plate numbers from suspected cars.