By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The AFL-CIO president from Washington is campaigning for Hillary Clinton at a North Philadelphia supermarket that was ironically the site of a proposed Trump Casino over a decade ago.

Store employees were engaged in conversations about the stakes of the election.

“Are you going to vote for Hillary?”

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka joined UFCW local 1776 president Wendell Young IV and Jeff Brown the owner of the Fox Street ShopRite to hand out pamphlets and talk with the employees about why Hillary Clinton would be the better candidate.

The national AFL-CIO leader has known Hillary Clinton for many years and he says it was a natural fit to support and endorse her.

“Because one, I think she is the most qualified person to run for the office that we have seen since F.D.R. Two she is tough, she is smart and she understands working people and the best thing is she listens. She listens to people before she makes decisions and lets you know how a policy will affect every day people and that I think is important for any leader to have.”

Gregory works in the maintenance department and has been an employee of Brown ShopRite stores for about 20 years. He will be heading to the polls on November 8th and will be voting for Clinton over Trump.

“Because he is not going to work at all for the people.”

Some workers say they are having or attending debate watching parties tomorrow night.

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