By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An unlikely group came out to show their support for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump Sunday afternoon.

The rally is the creation of Hindu activists Arvind Kumar and Satya Dosapati along with Bruce Carter who is the founder of the group Black Men for Bernie.

Bruce Carter was in charge of a group calling themselves “Black Men for Bernie Sanders,” but he’s jumped ship and is now supporting Donald Trump.

“At this point, Donald Trump is the superior candidate for business and development, and that’s what I’m concerned with, urban communities and what they have not received over the last 30-40 years under democrat leadership,” he said.

Carter helped organize the All-American Rally for Trump on Independence Mall where Chinese, Hatian, Muslims, and Pakistani Americans all showed up to show their support for Mr. Trump.

“There are a lot of voters who are voting for Donald Trump, but because of media, because of people attacking them, they’d rather go in the polls and cast their vote without having individuals come at them or their businesses,” said Carter.

He says he wants to make more people of color aware of the things Trump can do for them.

“As a Muslim American, I believe that when Donald Trump talks about illegal immigration, and the individuals coming over to this country to do bad and nefarious things, I totally agree with it. I totally agree with extreme vetting and understand who, what, when, where, and why these people are coming into this country,” Carter said.

Abdul Fattal of Philadelphia says he’s a first-hand witness to work of Islamic terrorists, and he believes Donald Trump will do what it takes to stop them.

“Some of the individuals that weren’t born in the United States are coming over here and trying to indoctrinate my own children in a masjid to follow an Islamic sect,” said Fattal.

Many of the people who came out say Trump is unfairly represented by the media, and contrary to popular belief, he has a lot of minority support.

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