PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Senator Pat Toomey stated it is important that Republicans keep control of the Senate following next month’s presidential election while refusing to outright endorse Donald Trump and attacking his Democratic challenger, Katie McGinty’s close ties to Hillary Clinton.

Toomey told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that it is essential that Republicans hold a Senate majority entering the next Congress.

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“I think whoever you’re voting for at the top of the ticket, you want to have a Republican Senate. If Donald Trump becomes President, he can’t accomplish anything if Chuck Schumer’s in charge of the Senate. And if Hillary Clinton becomes President, you want to have a check on what could otherwise be a really, really, radical administration. Either way, I think it makes an awful lot of sense to have Republicans in control of the Senate.”

He continued to maintain his distance from the controversial GOP nominee while calling the former Secretary of State dishonest and deceitful.

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“I’m not going to defend what’s indefensible and I’m going to criticize it when I think I should and I have spoken out against the things that I have found objectionable. But, there’s a striking contrast here. I’ve called it the way I see it. I’ve criticized my party’s nominee when I think he deserves it. On the other side, we have the most badly flawed Democratic nominee for President ever. She’s a serial liar. She’s lied to the American people for decades now. She jeopardized America’s security by having to hide her email traffic on a private server. Why did she need to do that? We know why. Because she has to hide the corruption of her involvement with the Clinton Foundation.”

Toomey also says his stance during this presidential season is in sharp contrast with McGinty’s.

“I’m supposed to defend every word from him, having not endorsed him and she can’t defend the actions and the lies of Hillary Clinton, having fully endorsed her. The bottom line is very clear, she’s absolutely a rubber stamp for Hillary Clinton. That’s what she is now. That is what she has been. If she were in the Senate, she would never be an independent voice. Do you think she would ever stand up to a President Hillary Clinton, if that’s what we end up with? There’s not a chance.”


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