PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New Jersey Assemblyman John Burzichelli, a Democrat representing the state’s 3rd Legislative District, is proposing a bill to allow residents to deduct the additional money they will now pay under the newly raised gasoline tax from their income tax.

Burzichelli explained the idea to Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

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“It’s not complicated. What would happen is it would be another line item for income tax deductions for people making up to $100,000. They would be able to deduct the amount they pay in gasoline tax from their income tax. It phases in over two years and it’s only for personal vehicles. It would not be for if you are a business. It’s just for individuals and their private use of their automobiles.”

He said the final details are not yet in place, but is hopeful the plan can offset the higher cost of driving in New Jersey.

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“I think the way the bill is written presently, and keep in mind that this will be heard through committee, so it will get adjusted, I want to tell you it’s in the $500 range, which should provide a good buffer, but that’s not in stone.”

Burzichelli stated that this concept was being considered earlier this year, until shot down by the Governor.

“This kind of proposal was on the table in the Summer, the discussion was lead by Senate President Sweeney, and he and Assembly Speaker Prieto liked this and wanted this in. It was the Governor who did not want this provision in.”

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