PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We’re a month away from the presidential election and many people are noticing a scarcity of political signs in our area.

Ray Taylor is a Business Marketing professor at Villanova University, and said the two candidates have the highest negative ratings of any candidates in history. And that might be part of the reason for the lack of signage this campaign season. Especially in neighborhoods where people know each other.

“A lot of people are not eager to get into confrontations with other people and the views of these candidates. so many more people with very negative views than used to be the case,” he said. “I think people are a little reluctant, it’s like picking a fight.”

But Taylor adds, he doesn’t think the dearth of signs is a long term trend. One trend that may not be going away, though, is social media. Taylor said he knows many people, who are already committed to a candidate, who are complaining about the glut of ads on social media.

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