By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A crew of first responders from the region is traveling south to assist victims of Hurricane Matthew.

A contingent of firefighters from Philadelphia and other cities in the region have packed up all the essentials and then some. They are travelling south with no plan in mind.

Philly Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel says they are prepared to handle pretty much anything.

“They’re taking a lot of different kits, a lot of different things with them so they have different capabilities. Everything from k-9 search and rescue. Of course, urban search and rescue, technical rescue, is a real core capability for this team. Also some water rescue assets, hazardous material assets, medical folks.”

Thiel says this won’t affect the fire department’s ability to serve the city, as all positions will be back filled.

And he says the real-life training the crew will receive down south may prove valuable down the road here someday.