3pm – Councilwoman Helen Gym Says This Food Truck Is Racist

3:20pm – Hurricane Matthew’s loop back to Florida would be ‘unprecedented’

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3:30pm – The de-Reaganization of the Republican Party

4pm – Ask the Doctor: Rich spoke with Dr. Mazz about Democratic and Republican doctors treating patients differentlyBirth control linked to depression and Rich’s nasty pimple.

4:20pm – Clown Madness: Cops, Schools, and Media on Edge

4:25pm – ‘Clown Lives Matter’ march planned for Oct. 15

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4:35pm – Clinton postpones Weather Channel ads in Florida

4:40pm – Mike Pence says he wasn’t surprised that he was interrupted 70 times by Tim Kaine: ‘In NASCAR they say rubbing is racing’

5:20pm – State Department Contracts for Chelsea’s Friend

5:35pm – Student Government At American University Demands ‘Trigger Warnings’ On Every Syllabus

5:40pm – The Untapped Power of the Other One Percent

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