PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Donald Trump’s campaign co-chair, Sam Clovis, previewed what some pundits are calling the GOP’s presidential candidates last chance to save his campaign from defeat, when he meets Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate this weekend.

Clovis told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that a lot has changed since the first debate when Trump flailed wildly at the former Secretary of State.

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“We’ve been out campaigning, that’s the big thing. The other is that I think Governor Pence put on a smackdown performance on Tuesday night in his debate with Senator Kaine and I do think that Mr. Trump is now more aware of what it’s like to be on a stage, one on one, in a political debate. He had never had that experience before and I think, for him, he’s one of those people who learns a great deal from experience and I think you’ll see a very different performance out of Mr. Trump on Sunday night.”

He believes viewers, and his opponent, will see an entirely different Republican nominee.

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“I really don’t think that Mrs. Clinton has any idea of how dramatic the change will be and I hope that we have moderators that will be able to keep things under control and to get to the substantive issues because that’s one of the things we think is important is comparing our programs or our policies, what we want to do, with what she wants to continue doing.”

Clovis also dismissed criticism Trump received earlier this week when he said some former soldiers can’t handle the stresses of PTSD while speaking to a group of veterans.

“The guy that asked the question, he’s been all over the national news saying hey look, I got the answer I was looking for, he didn’t slight me, he didn’t slight any veteran, in fact, the veterans in the audience thought it was a great answer. The issue is, normally the people that can twist those words are the people who have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. These are people who have never dealt with people with PTSD. We deal with them all the time. I’m a veteran and I’m around this type of thing all day. I’m a college professor and I have veterans come in to my classroom who deal with PTSD everyday.”


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