PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell defended the use of state funding at the Democratic National Convention in July, saying that the commonwealth will end up with a profit by the time everything is settled.

Rendell, who spoke with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, stated no federal taxpayer funds were needed, nor anything from the city of Philadelphia.

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“Other than the state, the state did give us $10 million, which is, adjusted for inflation, the same as the state gave us in 2000 for the Republican convention. But, unlike 2000, when we got federal money and city money, we got no federal money this year and no city money.”

He insisted that the convention was a windfall for everyone involved.

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“The final tabulation isn’t in, but it looks like the convention, in direct revenue to Philadelphia business and a lot of businesses, not just big businesses, not just hotels and restaurants, but a lot of vendors, a lot of diverse businesses, will be somewhere between $250 and $350 million. That’s a very good trade off, number one. Number two, the $10 million that the state gave us will be made back in things like the liquor by the drink tax, in net profits tax, in wage tax, on overtime, things like. Easily defrayed. So, it was a plus plus.”

He also credited Republicans for offering the money to the convention in the first place, like they did for the Republicans 16 years ago.

“In both cases, the legislature was controlled by Republicans, but they were gracious enough to give us, essentially, the same amount of money as they gave the Republicans in 2000.”

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