By Molly Daly

PARKWAY (CBS) — The weather was picture perfect on Sunday for Philadelphia’s annual Puerto Rican day parade on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Puerto Rico’s distinctive flag, five alternating red and white stripes, with a single white star on a sky blue triangle, was waved and worn, with extra flair by 6-year-old Xavian, who had it on Superman style, he enjoyed the sights.

“The dancers and the cars, and the fire trucks,” he said.

For Angel and Judy Roman, it’s a soul stirring celebration.

“The pride, more pride than anything in the world. That’s one thing our heritage is based on, our pride in where we come from, from the Taino heritage, all the way till today,” Angel said.

And everyone was welcomed.

“It’s absolutely about the people, and it’s about all people,” she said. We celebrate our pride for our culture, but it’s because we’re here, and we celebrate with everyone. It’s about peace. Peace, love, and happiness.”