By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Frank Rizzo is back, the former Philadelphia mayor is the subject of a revival of a play based on his life. The play is all set and ready to open next week at a South Broad Street theater.

The play is called ‘Rizzo’ and the production is being revived after a successful run last fall.

It opens Sept. 23 at the Suzanne Roberts Theater on Broad Street.

Actors from the Philadelphia Theater Company production gave South Philadelphians a preview of the production in front of the Frank Rizzo mural at Ninth and Montrose streets in the Italian Market on Thursday.

Scott Greer was casted to play Mayor Rizzo, the starring role of a man he has studied for months. What did he find?

“How larger than life this guy was and how polarizing but how unforgettable and mesmerizing he was.”

Playwright Bruce Graham put together the script and said they didn’t want this play to turn political.

“We didn’t want to make him a bad guy or a good guy,” Graham said.  “The fascinating thing about him is that there’s no gray area. You either love Rizzo or you hate him.”

The play is based on the book written and released by Sal Paolantonio in the 1980s. Paolantonio said he encourages young people to see the production.

“To learn something about this man and all the dynamic range of his life – the good, the bad and the ugly.”