By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It was a sweet start to the school year for students at Cooke Elementary School in the city’s Logan section, as students unveiled $10,000 worth of donated school supplies.

Several student volunteers pulled the ribbon off, and the curtain on stage was drawn back to reveal stacks of boxes donated by Inside were day planners, writing utensils, notebooks, text books, and everything an elementary school might need.

“The teachers got boxes, but you’ve got a stage full of extra things,” said School Reform Commission Chair Marjorie Neff. “My eyes lit up when I saw the balls, and the footballs, and, you know, things that make an elementary school a happy place for kids.”

Neff also pointed out how much this will help teachers who often spend cash out-of-pocket to provide what their students need.

Amazon and the School District of Philadelphia also announced a partnership to support STEM and Robotics programs at city middle and high schools. The first step in that partnership was a donation of $10,000 worth of robotic kits.