By Jessica Dean

LANCASTER, Pa. (CBS) — Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, rallied with supporters on Tuesday in Lancaster.

After he left the stage, Kaine spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News and discussed the name at the top of the ticket on the GOP side, Donald Trump.

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Kaine first addressed whether or not Trump was a worthy opponent for the Clinton campaign. “He’s not following the rules that anybody who wants to be president should follow,” Kaine said.

“You promise to give the voters your tax returns if you ever ran and then you say I’m not going to do it. What does that say about your respect for the electorate?”

Kaine also referenced remarks Trump made during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania where he noted that he would only lose the state if cheating occurred.

“You come into Pennsylvania and you tell Pennsylvanians the only way we’ll lose is if the vote is rigged,” Kaine said. “What does that say to Pennsylvanians? It’s insulting to Pennsylvanians to say you don’t know how to run a fair election here and if I lose it’s because you screwed it up. It’s not because I lost.”

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Kaine went on to break down Trump’s relationship with voters. “The way he treats voters with disrespect in terms of not willing to share the information that all candidates share, it’s like he thinks we’re gullible.”

The VP nominee also talked about the notion that some voters might have that a Clinton-Kaine White House may just be more of the same of something they do not think is working. “Hillary and I really believe in the plan we’ve put out on the table,” Kaine said.

He touched on their plan to invest in more jobs, the most he said since World War II.

A CBS News poll said that only 34 percent find Hillary Clinton to be trustworthy, in light of the email scandal which keeps popping up as well as speculation surrounding The Clinton Foundation.

So, what would Kaine say to someone who says they don’t find his running-mate to be trustworthy?

“If you want to know about somebody’s character in public life, the best thing you can do is look and see, do they have a passion that they had before they were in public life and have they carried that passion through all the way through their life…thick or thin, wins or losses, in office, out of office…and Hillary has that. It’s the empowerment of families and kids.”

Kaine referenced the fact that public perception doesn’t always depict Clinton’s warmer side, but he talked about how spending time with her has given him a window into the side of her that many people don’t see.

“I’ve seen the grandmother side and I went up to their home in New York and the first day that Mark and Chelsea brought their new son Aiden up to West Chester, he was just 19-days-old and along with Charlotte his older sister. And just watching Bill and Hillary in blue jeans take such pride, not only in Chelsea and their son-in-law Mark, but in their grandkids and how much fun they were, that really shows you something about a person.”

Kaine is set to return to Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh on Monday.