HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The state Senate is set to return nearly a month earlier than scheduled Tuesday to vote on Bruce Beemer’s nomination to serve the nearly five months that remain in Kathleen Kane’s term as Pennsylvania attorney general.

The anticipated Senate vote on confirmation of former First Deputy Attorney General Bruce Beemer to serve as Attorney General will come less than two weeks after Bruce Castor became acting AG. Castor was Kathleen Kane’s hand-picked second in command. But Jennifer Kocher, spokeswoman for Republican leaders of the GOP-controlled Senate, says the quick action on the nomination is not so much about getting Castor out, but rather about getting Beemer in.

“To provide some sort of stability to the Office of Attorney General,” Kocher said. “And this is about the respect that Mr. Beemer has from the employees there, and the people who will be working for him.”

Kocher says allowing Beemer’s nomination to hang out for several more weeks would not be conducive to the necessary task of restoring stability to the attorney general’s office.