By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — They’re more than just water fountains. The Philadelphia School District is beginning to install what it calls “hydration stations” in schools.

At Henry A. Brown Elementary in Kensington, instead of porcelain water fountains, there are three stainless steel hydration stations. Each has a spout to fill water bottles, as well as a fountain.

District Chief Operating Officer Fran Burns says by the start of school next month, hydration stations will be installed in 43 schools, with all 218 schools getting them by May.

“It’s more just to encourage the drinking of water throughout the day — to hydrate,” Burns explained. “Again, hydration and drinking of water helps to increase the learning.”

The school district this month began an effort to test water at 40 schools for lead content. Burns says four fountains at undisclosed schools have failed the test so far and have been replaced. She says the district plans to release the full testing results this fall.