PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — New Jersey and Delaware make it in the top 5 on the worst drivers in America list.

Personal finance tech company SmartAsset ranked the states to either confirm or debunk motorists’ ideas of who the bad drivers really are.

The Garden State nabbed the #4 spot for having the second most deaths per driver. Good news is that most Jersey drivers are insured which should provide a little relief to anyone sharing the road with them.

The Diamond State follows right behind at #5 even though they actually top out as the state with the most deaths per driver. The list also shares the interesting factoid that Delaware has the lowest DUI rate per driver despite having one of the highest DUI death rates.

Floridians were ranked the worst of the worst drivers. According to SmartAsset they are the least insured and google search “speeding tickets” and “traffic tickets” more than any other state.

Mississippi and Oklahoma trail at #2 and #3.

And in case you were wondering — Philly drivers may not be as bad as we think, given that Pennsylvania didn’t even make the top 20.