TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — Most people do this regularly. You wake up, hop in the car and head to the drive-thru for a morning coffee and snack to get your day underway. How about a long car trip, where you hit the fast food place and keep trucking along to make good time?

A New Jersey bill could put a stop to all of that activity. It is an effort to crack down on distracted driving.

The bill, making its way through the New Jersey legislature, could soon impose fines, or even a license suspension, for drivers who eat, drink, groom, read or use electronic devices behind the wheel.

Violators could face a $200 – $400 fine for the first offense and a $400 – $600 fine for the second offense. A third, or subsequent offense, could mean a fine of $600 – $800, or up to a 90-day license suspension as well as motor vehicle points.