PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell praised Hillary Clinton after her acceptance speech last night to wind up the Democratic Presidential Convention in Philadelphia.

Rendell, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said the former Secretary of State displayed everything voters should be looking for.

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“I thought she looked and sounded as Presidential, as determined, as forceful and as stable as anybody ever could. I thought you had not trouble closing your eyes and thinking that Hillary Clinton was President of the United States.”

He thought everything on the stage this week played well for the Democrats and will boost Clinton into her campaign match up with Donald Trump.

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“What happened at the podium for four days was as well planned and as well executed as any convention I can remember. I’ve been to eight and I’ve seen, at least, 20 in my lifetime. I never saw anything better done and better organized that. That’s part of a campaign too. Although, the Secretary isn’t the type of orator the President is, or the Vice-President, I think after the smoke cleared last night, nobody was thinking about Joe, as good a guy as he is, or anybody else. I think the thought was we have the right person.”

However, Rendell warned against complacency on behalf of the Democrats, stating the race in Pennsylvania is not over.

“This state is definitely in play…The big test for Donald Trump will be can he keep college educated Republican suburbanites in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Scranton and places like that? Can he keep them in the Republican column? In 2012, Mitt Romney carried college educated whites by 10 or 11 points. Right now, Secretary Clinton is ahead in that column by 10 or 11 points. That will tell the tale of the tape in the Philadelphia suburbs. If Donald Trump can win back some of those, and maybe even out that gap, then he has a chance in Pennsylvania.”


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