PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New Jersey Senator Cory Booker spoke with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia about the fixing the economy and working through the stagnation that have plagued American wages for decades.

Booker said we need to look beyond political talking points and embrace real solutions.

“I think we’ve come to this weird point in American history where the convenient tropes of the left and the right just don’t work. You have people like Ivanka Trump standing up and talking about, we need to honor women in the workplace, advocating for making sure that we do things that empower women to succeed. Donald Trump and Clinton poo-pooing things like TPP…Some of my best ideas have come from people like Jack Kemp and they were adopted by people like Bill Clinton, like empowerment zones. I like to talk about the actual policy plank.”

He believes repairing and expanding infrastructure will pay dividends in the long run.

“What is going to empower working class Americans who’ve seen their wages now stagnant for years? It’s getting back to the things that made us great. Eisenhower created a network that allowed businesses to thrive by investing in our infrastructure…That means finding ways to build this country.”

Booker also thinks embracing the successes of other countries can help stabilize our economy here at home

“I travel around the world. The ports of European countries are more efficient. The trains from Asia are faster than ours. They have better infrastructures than ours and we know, this is where I can tell you, what’s fiscally conservative, we now know, that a dollar invested in building out our infrastructure, especially with the debt being where it is right now, will actually change the debt to GDP ratio in our country.”