By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Who will have the better career: Ben Simmons or Allen Iverson?

This is the tweet that sparked the debate on 94WIP’s Mike & Ike Show on Friday.

Ike Reese disagreed with Porter’s take and the two debated on the air.

“Look, Iverson only played in 82 games once after the age of 31,” Porter argued. “Iverson never played a game after the age of 34. He never worked on his body. His success really came in a span of eight, seven seasons really. Simmons starts a year younger too. Simmons is 20, Iverson came into the league at 21. So Simmons may get seven or eight more seasons than Iverson out of his career.”

“Ben Simmons could play 10 more years than Allen Iverson, if all he’s doing is facilitating or running the offense, as opposed to be the lead dog on the team or being the main reason why they main win a title,” Reese said. “Then how does that him a better player than AI. Just cause you win a title does not mean that you’re better.”

“[Simmons] doesn’t need to be the best scorer in the NBA to be a lead dog on a team,” Porter debated.

Porter argued that Simmons is a more valuable player than Iverson because he is elite in every facet of the game.

Listen: Andrew Porter says Ben Simmons will have a better career than Allen Iverson 


“He can’t do everything because he can’t score!” Reese said.

“He can score,” Porter said. “He averaged 19 in college.”

“We’re talking about the NBA!”

“He hasn’t played in the NBA yet.”

“You know he can’t shoot!” Reese exclaimed.

“He shot 70-percent from the line, same as [Brandon] Ingram.”