PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn says it is time for the Republican Party to unite behind Donald Trump as they prepare to officially nominate him as their candidate for President in Cleveland.

Blackburn told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Trump won the primary and he deserves the prize.

“We’ve got to, as a party, say we gave the country 17 choices and the majority of the voters went with Donald Trump. He’s the one that won. Now it’s time for everybody to rally behind him and make certain that we win in November. And, in winning in November, that requires us to get our message out about how we unite the country and become one country again.”

She said that Trump is much more qualified to handle the important task of nominating judges than is Hillary Clinton.

“I believe in our party. I understand the importance of the federal bench and the appointments thereto and the Supreme Court and the appointments thereto. Because of that, we have to have somebody who is going to be a steady, guiding hand who is going to be thoughtful in their decision making process. I just cannot imagine that the voters in this country would elect someone that the FBI has said was reckless, extremely careless and negligent in how they handled the country’s business.”

Blackburn also called for the opposition that still remains to Trump at the convention to fall in line with his supporters.

“Most people feel like, and especially the Never Trump group, had their say. It’s over. Get over it.”