PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  President of the FOP Lodge 5, John McNesby, who represents police officers in Philadelphia, told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he thinks attacks on police officers similar to the ones in Dallas and Baton Rouge will continue until there is a political solution to the problem.


“I’m speechless. That was an absolute ambush on police officers. Police officers have a uniform on, they’re driving a marked patrol vehicle and they’re moving targets. Unless somebody starts to do something and start backing the police, then this is going to continue. I’m afraid it’s going to continue.”

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“We need to increase the manpower. We need officers to watch over each other, the commanders need to watch over their officers, and the community needs to step up. If they see something, if they hear something they need to report it.  Everyone wants to run around and protest, ‘no justice, no peace,’ how about when someone in the community is shot that they step up and start to cooperate. The first thing I’m hearing  from officers on the scene is no cooperation, everyone wants to turn their back. Until someone wants to open up that dialogue then we’re going to continue will these problems.”

As for the Black Lives Matter movement, McNesby says, “My thought is the Black Lives Matter movement is an absolute disgrace. There’s ways to protest, there’s ways to do things, to get your message across in a respectful way. The way they treat officers on the street… It’s a small group of people and most of them aren’t even from the Philadelphia area. They are a terrorist group as far as I’m concerned and they need to be dealt with strongly. You want to protest, protest against whoever you wish but make sure you do it legally and obtain the permits like everyone else has to and make sure you abide by the law.”

McNesby also confirmed he is part of the select team of police union representatives that will talk with the Presidential candidates in order to decide which one they will endorse for November’s election.

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“I’ve been appointed by the national FOP as part of the endorsement committee, a three man committee, to interview both Trump and Clinton for the endorsement. We’re waiting for a response. We sent a questionnaire out to both camps. We’re waiting for a response. We’re waiting for an interview and then we’ll recommend our pick to the national board of trustees.”