By Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police are looking for a potential serial predator. The suspect is wanted for a series of assaults on women. The most recent attack turned deadly.

Philadelphia Police are on the hunt for a man they believe murdered one woman and beat and sexually assaulted at least two to three others in Kensington, dating back to April.

Police believe that on Saturday night, a man on a black and blue mountain bike, met the victim at Cumberland and Jasper and shortly after, brutally attacked her.

“Some type of deal was made with the individual. We know they went to the back of a location and during that time, he beat her. He stabbed her multiple times and she was able to run from that location, but she collapsed and succumbed to her injuries,” said Philadelphia Police Captain James Clark.

Investigators recovered a knife and a brick as possible murder weapons. They say the victim was known in the area to be a prostitute, something the suspect apparently targets.

“It is a type. 30-35 years of age, white females that are prostitutes in the area,” Clark said. “He goes. He has some type of conversation with them, tries to make some type of deal. He takes them to a secluded area and then he attacks them.”

Police said there were more than 10 surveillance cameras in that area. They say they reviewed the video and they say for women in Kensington, until the suspect is off the streets, be alert.