By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Democratic National Convention Host Committee says it’s within $3 million of its fundraising goal but it’s adamant that it won’t specify what private donors gave how much until after the convention. Now the committee is planning to file an appeal of an open records office ruling that it should make the information public.

The Host Committee says it’s raised $55 million in cash and firm commitments. That includes $10 million it just got in the state budget.

Executive director Kevin Washo says, in contrast to the Republican convention in 2000, he expects that will be the only public money the committee will get.

“We’re in great shape in terms of fundraising and we’re going to do exactly what we said we were going to do: fully fund this. And that’s why, with all due respect to some people, that’s why the DNC chose us. Because they knew we were going to deliver on all aspects and Philadelphia’s always done that and we’re going to do it again.”

Washo says the committee will fully report donors and amounts 60 days after the convention, as required by law, and as Cleveland is doing.

But it’s not a complete mystery. The website lists 35 sponsors and 18 local partners. The committee’s also raised $17 million of in-kind donations.