By Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — UPDATE: Friday’s winning Mega Millions numbers were 08-19-20-55-73 with a Mega Ball of 5

On a sweltering Friday in South Philadelphia, there perhaps needs to be a very good reason to leave the comforts of the AC and venture outside.

Call it Mega Millions mania. The jackpot has now reached more than $500 million before Friday night’s drawing. Which, by the way, will be the 35th drawing since Mega Millions last had a winner. It’s the longest rollover stretch in the game’s history.

“It’s a half a billion dollars. I don’t remember it being that high in a while and that helps all these businesses,” said John Salerno, a Sunoco employee.

The odds are one in 259 million, but that didn’t stop customers at the Sunoco on Front and Oregon where strategies varied.

Some patrons chose the pool route, while others were in it to win it alone. Some picked there numbers and others relied on the computer picks. “What’s going to happen, is going to happen,” said John Blanks.

Others hoped that maybe a good sense of humor would help. When asked if he was feeling lucky, Bob Stewart said, “No, I just like contributing to the state.”