Food & Drink Vita the toast of Italian dining from Vegas to Miami, Scarpetta brings its signature spaghetti and Philly-inspired plates to the Square.

Philadelphia unknowingly had its first taste of the LDV Hospitality experience at Atlantic City’s Revel, when American Cut and Azure by Allegretti brought some sexy New York dining sensibility to the city by the sea in 2012. Around that same time LDV president and founder John Meadow was exploring spaces here for Scarpetta, the group’s well-known modern Italian concept with addresses in Miami, Las Vegas, the Hamptons, and New York. Nothing felt right—until The Rittenhouse hotel’s bi-level restaurant space became available. “For five years I said no to everything, but I walked in here and immediately said I want this,” says Meadow, who has spent plenty of time in Philly over the years with his wife and her parents, who grew up here. “I have a real appreciation for the city and its history.”

Scarpetta promises to bring some excitement to that sleepier side of the Square with its bevy of Italian spirits and regional wines taking center stage in the first-floor lounge and familiar plates like tomato-basil spaghetti, creamy polenta, and branzino—plus dishes inspired by the seasons and local ingredients—circulating around the upstairs dining room, served by a few familiar faces from LDV’s AC outposts. The décor is all subdued hues, exposed brick, and reclaimed woods throughout. And though Scarpetta is an NYC export, Meadow says that the spot will have a true local feel: “Philly is our sister city. We may be from New York, but we want to become part of this city, too.”