By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The King…of hating Sam Hinkie.

94WIP’s Howard Eskin is known for his criticism of former Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie, or as Eskin would call him, “Waldo.” Eskin has famously battled his son and popular Hinkie defender, Spike, on 94WIP multiple times over this topic.

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On Friday, the morning of NBA free-agency, ESPN’s Jordan Brenner — who wrote this pro-Hinkie piece for the ESPN The Magazine earlier this week — took on the role of Spike and defended Hinkie vs. Howard.


Listen: Jordan Brenner on the 94WIP Morning Show


Eskin asked Brenner what Hinkie did that was so brilliant by “purposely trying to lose.”

Brenner: “Howard, how do you define trying to lose?”

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Eskin: “He puts garbage on the court. I’ll be very clear — it’s garbage. Even his coach, he didn’t give him a point guard until the NBA said enough of this.”

Brenner: “Do you think this is the first team that’s ever put players — not the optimal players to win games that season on the court?”

Eskin: “For three years? Yes. For one year? No.”

Brenner: “That’s incorrect….you might remember a team from the Western Conference Finals called the Oklahoma City Thunder.”

Eskin: “Now did they try to lose or they just did it with bad management?”

Brenner: “Bad management? Sam Presti is about as good an executive as you’ll have in this game. The point is, they were acquiring young assets.”

Eskin: “I love that term assets! What’s an asset anyway? A piece of meat?”

Brenner: “Sam did this in a bold way, but other general managers around the league say, ‘We did this with this team. We did this with this team.’ Look at Cleveland right now.”

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Hinkie is no longer in Philadelphia, but his legend continues and the debate carries on.