By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some local clergy members say they won’t be leading protests during the Democratic National Convention —  but they want to support them with training and networking.

Reverend Robin Hynicka says he detects a sense of community among the disparate groups planning protests during the DNC, and he hopes an event he’s calling “Freedom School” at his church, Arch Street Methodist, will help foster it.

“It’s the dialogue around the intersectionality of a variety of issues,” he says. “Why those who are concerned about the environment can be concerned and ought to be concerned with those who are concerned about racial justice. Getting the cross-conversation going and about how we’re all interested in justice.”

Hynicka says it will focus on preserving legal rights, but will include sessions on civil disobedience and medical care. He says the church will host four training sessions for protestors called “Know Your Rights,” being led by lawyers with the “Up Against the Law” Legal Collective, which will also be defending protestors who get arrested.

“We learn from each others’ experience,” he says. “There’s this sense of building community among the protest community here where folks are collaborating on how to take care of yourself, what actions are effective, where actions are taking place and we can support each other.”

The training sessions are being offered on July 9, 16, 20 and 23, 2016.

The “Freedom School” — a reference to the civil rights movement — will be the Saturday before the convention.