PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Following the release of the final report from the House of Representatives on the attack to the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya in 2012, foreign policy analyst Ed Turzanski believes Hillary Clinton failed to show the leadership necessary to be President.

During an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Turzanski, the John Templeton Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, said that despite all of Donald Trump’s faults, he is still the better choice to lead the nation.

“We’re stuck with the two most unpopular people to ever seek the Presidency as measured by polling and you have to make a choice. I firmly believe this, Congress will fight to constrain Trump’s bad behavior. Republicans will do what they typically do. They’ll turn on their own. They’ll go after him. Democrats never will. Congress will never constrain Hillary’s bad behavior. Those issues about the most sensitive secrets this country has, some of the most difficult decisions that have to be made around national security that can have immediate results for all of us, she failed. She failed the three o’clock in the morning test and she failed the three in the afternoon test.”

He stated Trump did his campaign a disservice by glossing over the report and not focusing in more on Secretary Clinton’s actions while events were unfolding.

“For a democracy to be healthy, you depend on two things at a minimum. One is an independent press that will pursue the truth without fear of favor. Well, we know that’s not happening. Not with Obama and Clinton. The media are scriveners. They’re stenographers and give them what they want. But, the second thing is, you need a loyal opposition that will intelligently push back. When Trey Gowdy says, you read the report, he, in effect, has said I don’t want to do the heavy lifting on this. That’s where Trump made the mistake. If he had hammered on this hard yesterday, the media would have to be talking about it.”

Turzanski also feels it is not too late for Trump to turn the race around, despite a long string of consecutive polls that show him trailing.

“Presuming that Trump can hang on to every state that Romney won, and we can’t be too clear about that because he’s having some trouble out west, but presuming that to be the case, if he can pick up Ohio and Pennsylvania, he’s in very strong position. In both those states, you’re within the margin of error. If you add Florida to it, he’s going to be taking the oath of office…Because of where they’re spending their time and money, that indicates where they think they have potential strengths and weaknesses. For Clinton, it’s a weakness. She should be winning Pennsylvania based on past performance of Democrats seeking the Presidency.”