PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pennsylvania Congressman Lou Barletta reacted angrily to Democrats in the House of Representatives staging a sit-in on the chamber floor in an attempt to force a vote on gun control legislation.

Barletta, who represents the 11th District, told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that they are staging a stunt to distract from the real issue.

“This whole thing was all about publicity, distractions to take the focus off President Obama’s failure to confront ISIS and terrorism right here in the United States. Immediately after the horrific act in Orlando, rather than talking about radical Islamic terrorists, which are now here. They’re no longer the JV team. I think event he President would admit that. They’re not the JV team. They’re right here in the United States. This was a home grown radical Islamic terrorist. Instead of talking about the innocent Americans that are being killed because of this failure, the Democrats decided to have a sit in and talk about taking away our Fifth Amendment rights.”


He also thinks they are wrong to link any restrictions on guns to the no-fly list.

“They want the public to think it’s the issue, but they know darn well what the issue is. The issue is that our government could put you on that list and you wouldn’t even know it. Ted Kennedy was on the list for goodness sake, Senator Ted Kennedy. There was an 18-month-old girl who was removed from a Jet Blue flight in 2012 because she was on the no-fly list. What they’re not telling the public is, are we ok with our government secretly putting anyone on it.”