By Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia High School graduation had to be briefly put on hold after a fight broke out at the ceremony where the fire commissioner was set to speak.

Parents tell Eyewitness News that the fight left them in tears. There are tears at many high school graduations, but for a short time Friday, at the A. Philip Randolph High School graduation, emotions were high, but perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

One parent described it by saying, “it’s embarrassing.”

Eyewitness News cameras were rolling at the ceremony at the Independence Seaport Museum, where Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel was preparing to speak when suddenly, a fight broke out.

It appeared that several adults took place in the physical fight.

Fire Commissioner Thiel was seen comforting a young boy in the crowd. Parents in attendance tell Eyewitness News that the commotion lasted about 10 minutes and may have been over seats.

“It’s ridiculous that adults can’t behave themselves in a proper manner,” said Patricia Hackett, a parent in attendance.

Philadelphia Police say they were not called in and it doesn’t look like there were any arrests. Fire officials say that Commissioner Thiel was not hurt during the incident and were relieved that the graduation was able to go on.

Parents are happy that the attention went back to where it belonged, on the graduates.

“I’m so proud, minus the little mischief that was going on in there. We weren’t focused on that,” said Lee Hinton.

The school principal told Eyewitness News that it was an unfortunate incident.