PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Donald Trump has had a bad week. His off the cuff remarks attacking the Latino judge in the Trump University case have cost him. However, I like what Trump is doing now. Trump’s campaign is wrapped around his statement that his goal is to Make America Great Again. Trump has now broadened this out to Make America Great Again for Everyone.

This is genius. To counter the Black Lives Matter crew, I’ve told people not to say Blue Lives Matter but Blue Lives Matter Too. This pushes back against the divisive position of Black Lives Matter. It’s a statement that is tough but inclusive.

I like Trump’s new statement because I think his base will be fine with it and it broadens appeal and gives him a chance to talk about how his solutions will be good for all Americans. It is a good way to push back against Mrs. Clinton’s playbook that accuses all Republicans of trying to divide people.

The key for Trump going forward is to avoid unforced errors. Mrs. Clinton is a target rich figure. Her role in enabling Bill Clinton to prey on multiple women, her possible criminal behavior around her emails, her very questionable money deals around the Clinton Foundation all are worthy of focus and attack.

My hope is that every time Trump sees the new hats at rallies he’ll be reminded of the need to try to draw as many people as possible into his tent.