Chris discussed President Obama’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, his appearance on the Tonight Show, and Tom Brokaw’s upcoming interview with David Letterman. He talked with economist Chris Butler about impact of Philadelphia’s beverage tax.

6:03 An appeals court ruled their is no right to carry a concealed weapon.

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6:18 President Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton yesterday.

6:22 President Obama met with Bernie Sanders before endorsing Hillary Clinton.

6:35 What’s Trending: Delete Your Account, Ocean’s Ocho, Justin Bieber, Muhammad Ali

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6:49 President Obama was Jimmy Fallon’s guest on the Tonight Show last night.

6:53 Tom Brokaw will interview David Letterman about his retirement.

7:00 Chris talks with economist Chris Butler on Finance Friday about the impact of Philadelphia’s beverage tax.

8:05 Stu Bykofsky: Soda Tax passing was a bait and switch.

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