By Mike DeNardo and Anita Oh

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police and the Phillies are trying to find the fan who tossed a beer bottle at Ryan Howard after the final out of Saturday’s game.

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Police are looking for a guy wearing a gray Phillies shirt and salmon-colored shorts who allegedly threw an aluminum beer bottle at the feet of Ryan Howard Saturday.

Phillies Director of Operations and security Sal DeAngelis says Citizens Bank Park has in-house video of the seating bowl as well as the eyes and ears of ushers, but in this case, he says it was a fan that snapped a photo of the bottle-thrower.

“As you can see by that picture alone, your fans act as security guards sometime as well. And that’s how we really found out about this.”

DeAngelis says after the picture was posted on social media, the Phillies compared it to in-house security video. He says both have been turned over to Philadelphia Police, who have a few leads in the case.

“This guy just kind of chucks his beer at Howard’s feet,” said Dennis Gabert, an eyewitness to the beer throwing incident. “That caught Ryan’s attention and he was not happy and the guy, immediately after, hopped over the row behind him and took off.

“I don’t care how bad somebody thinks I’m playing,” Howard said on Monday. “It’s just uncalled for. You shouldn’t do it. You shouldn’t do it period. Nobody deserves that. It’s not warranted. It doesn’t make any sense.”

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The Phillies confirmed that the man circulating in the photo on social media, is the man they are looking for.

Some people online have identified the man in the picture as Joseph Bennett of Aston. “It’s not me. This is totally wrong.” Bennett said. “I’m getting harassed.”

Bennett says that he was playing in a softball game more than 30 miles away from Citizens Bank Park at the time of the game.

So, what is going through Bennett’s mind as his name pops up?

“Right now, it’s just you know, I have a job, independently. I have a family. Got a mother, brothers and sisters. I got friends and it’s just embarrassing.” Bennett said.

Philadelphia Police are adamant that they do not have a name at this time, but are working with the Phillies. “We don’t have a name and at the most, the person is looking at a summary citation for disorderly conduct so, at the end of the day, it’s not really worth people getting involved and posting anyone’s name out there,” said Lt. John Stanford.

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Police say that while they understand that fans are upset, they urge people to let them work and send all tips and information to the police. They add not to post any names, addresses or any information online, especially when it has not been confirmed.