By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When an NFL franchise trades up twice to draft a quarterback with the second overall pick and the starting veteran quarterback — who just signed a new two-year, $35 million contract weeks prior — requests a trade and skips voluntary workouts, the situation becomes magnified.

Needless to say, all eyes are on the Eagles’ quarterback situation.

Sam Bradford is the expected starter, Chase Daniel is the expected backup, and Carson Wentz is the heir apparent.

“I had no idea that there was even a quarterback conversation until you just told me, so that’s crazy,” Eagles third-year wide receiver Jordan Matthews said sarcastically on Wednesday’s 94WIP Morning Show.

Listen: Jordan Matthews on the 94WIP Morning Show


Matthews went on to compare and contrast the three Philly QB’s, explaining that what impresses him most about the rookie, is his fearlessness.

“They all have their different idiosyncrasies, they all different skills,” Matthews explained. “When it comes to Sam, his biggest thing has always been accuracy. With Carson, you need to be ready for the deep ball. And that’s what I love about Carson.

“The main thing you worry about sometimes with rookie quarterbacks is that savvy. Do they have that ability to say, I’m gonna make a make a play? Do they have no fear? Are they willing to take risks and just put the ball up in the air and give you a shot to make a play? Are they worried about trying to be perfect and what the coaches are gonna say? And the thing I love about Carson is he’s coachable, he’s mature, but he’s got dog in him.”

Wentz, just in his first-ever professional reps, is already expanding opportunities for the Eagles’ wideouts.

“There’s gonna be opportunities when guys are gonna be running — from the first two years I’ve been here, that back-side post that we never throw, you need to be running now because Carson might throw that thing up so you always need to be ready and that’s what I like about him.”

Matthews made sure not to leave about Daniel, the team’s three-year, $21 million backup.

“When it comes to Chase, he just knows the offense,” J-Matt said. “He knows everything. So he’s one of those guys, too, that you always gotta make sure you’re in the right spot at the right time because he’s been in this offense.”