HARRISBURG (CBS) — Governor Wolf could get a bill in the coming weeks that will clarify that health care workers and clergy are required to get background checks as part of an update to Pennsylvania’s child protection laws.

Changes to the child protection law made in 2014, after the Jerry Sandusky scandal, mandated background checks for people who have routine contact with children, or are responsible for a child’s welfare. But it seems there’s some room for interpretation as to whether all health care personnel and clergy were covered by the requirement. Bucks County Republican Kathy Watson, who chairs the House Children and Youth Committee, says the aim is to clarify.

“We try to make things clear,” Watson said. “And I think they wanted it to be clear themselves. I mean, [the] Pennsylvania Medical Society said, ‘yes, please, give us ground to stand on – we’re fine with that.’”

Watson’s committee gave its approval to a bill already passed by the Senate. That measure is expected to get a full House vote next month.