By Jim Donovan

By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Summer is right around the corner. Whether you’ll be leaving your home for work, a day trip or long vacation, your house could be a target for burglars.

In today’s 3 On Your Side consumer report how thinking more like a crook could help protect you.

When thieves strike, they don’t just take things, they often take your sense of security too. So what kind of homes to burglars target?

According to experts, it’s more than curb appeal or security measure. Geoff Manaugh, author of Burglar’s Guide to the City, says geography and architecture can play a role too.

“They find ways into our homes that we might not have predicted,” said Manaugh.

He says you should think like a burglar and an architect to be prepared.

“Every time you hide yourself from view, you’re also hiding from view anyone else that’s in the house,” said Manaugh.

That means tall privacy walls or bushes, for example, may be letting a burglar take his time breaking in. He says, even a patio railing can tempt a thief.

Bottom line, nowhere is 100 percent safe so but there are some things you should keep in mind. Reconsider that scalable privacy wall or large bush. If you could climb it and hide behind it, it may be perfect for burglars.

Use simple security measures like alarms and cameras. And be sure to lock all of your doors and windows.

And get to know your neighbors. A good nosy neighbor can help keep an eye on your home and give you a heads up if they notice anything out of the ordinary.