3pm – White House Increases Overtime Eligibility by Millions

3:30pm – Ed Rendell: ‘More ugly women in America than attractive women’

3:50pm – Donald Trump Releases List of Supreme Court Picks

4pm – Sample of voicemails left for state Democratic Chairwoman Roberta Lange

4:20pm – First-time DUI offenders could get ignition locks

5:05pm – Mika Brzezinski Calls on Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Resign

5:10pm – Sanders camp slams Debbie Wasserman Schultz for ‘throwing shade’

5:20pm – NYC to Fine Businesses That Don’t Use Correct Gender Pronouns

5:25pm – Woman Claims She Was in Ross Dressing Room When She ‘Heard a Man’s Voice’ — She Couldn’t Believe Manager’s Response

5:50pm – It’s Now Considered Sexist to Tell a Woman, ‘You Look Tired’