HARRISBURG, PA. (CBS) — A spokesman says Governor Tom Wolf will sign a bill now on the way to his desk that will provide for ignition interlock systems to be used by many first time DUI offenders in Pennsylvania.

The bill will put ignition interlock systems in vehicles for first time offenders who show a blood alcohol content of 0.10 or higher. Previously, most of those drivers faced a license suspension.

Advocates of the legislation say the interlock system is a public safety issue, as it will keep people off the roads who would otherwise drive impaired with a suspended license. But Jennifer Kocher, spokeswoman for the Senate majority leader, says it is also intended to allow DUI offenders to remain productive members of society.

“[It] makes it available for those who have the conviction to continue to maintain their employment,” Kocher said, “and by maintaining their employment, hopefully get the help that they need to overcome any type of problems with alcohol that they may have.”

A spokesman says Governor Wolf will sign the bill, which got final legislative approval in the Senate Wednesday.