By Rahel Solomon

By Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We are now hearing from one of the victims in a Somerton home invasion early Friday morning. It happened around 1 on the 14000 block of Faraday. Police say the suspects made off with very little cash, possibly because they may have broken into the wrong house.

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Authorities call it one of the quietest blocks in Philadelphia but early Friday morning that silence was shattered during a real life nightmare for one family.

“Scariest thing in my life, we just couldn’t believe this was happening.”

The victim, who was too frightened to show his face, says he was asleep with his wife around 1 a.m. when 3 intruders broke into the house through the basement door and tied them up along with their adult son. They say at least one had a gun.

“They said well where’s the money and I said I don’t have it, the other guy who was standing on my wife’s side said I don’t think this is the house, this is not the house and that’s when they actually left.”

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The victims say after about 30 minutes they were able to free themselves and call for help. Philadelphia police who were on the scene through the afternoon say it is still unclear who the intruders were targeting.

“It’s a little bit of a challenge at this point in time because you’re working on what you have, so it’s kind of hard to figure out which house they were supposed to be going to,” said Lt. John Stanford of the Philadelphia Police.

On Friday, friends of the victims showed up at the home to comfort the victims who were physically unharmed but mentally shaken.

“I don’t know what you bring somebody, you know when somebody goes through a trauma like this,” said Dolly Liebel, a friend of the victims. “But I know one thing you need is a hug, you need to know friends love you, and you need someone to be there for you.”

Police say they are now in the process of searching nearby homes and businesses for surveillance video.

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Meantime the victim tells me he has not been able to sleep since the attack and can’t imagine what sleep will be like tonight.